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                          Shenzhen Flying Wing Photoelectric Innovation, now has a number of technology patents. The company has a complete range of products, quality and market share are among the top in the industry. Passive Device Active Device Products mainly include: High Power, Low Power Products: Pigtail, Collimator, Wavelength Division Multiplexer (CWDM, DWDM, FWDM, OADM, AWG), Circulator, Optical Switch, Optical Separator, Optical Module, Optical Fiber Amplifier, Optical Fiber Jump Line, Transceiver, etc.                      
                          High power and low power applications in isolators, WDM, loops, optical switches, optical transmission
                          High power and low power applications in WDM, collimator, passive devices, optical communications
                          High power and low power applications in optical amplifier, chassis module, optical fiber testing system, optical fiber local area network
                          MEMS VOA
                          Applied to power control and equalizationGain slope control of EDFAWDM wavelength division systemOptical test instrument
                          Optical line protection
                          Applied to optical path protection, test system, video monitoring system, experimental research and development
                          From design to sales, we have experienced every step of process testing, testing system testing, shipment testing to ensure product quality.
                          Superior quality
                          The original factory independently developed products, products through the certification center original certification, ROHS, SGS, certification to ensure product quality      
                          Original authentic product
                          To subvert the 365-day or 3-month quality guarantee period in the industry, our company guarantees that all products will be provided with 3-year super-long quality nursing service under non-artificial conditions.
                          Super long hedge
                          Over the years, we have accumulated experience in production and operation, ensured high efficiency and quality, provided high cost-effective products to serve customers, and cooperated for long-term development.
                          Preferential value
                          1218, 12 / F, yongjingxuan building, Huasheng Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen
                          Mobile phone :13530701594  
                          Contact information
                          We adhere to the management tenet of "quality first, honesty first, serving the society". Our business philosophy of "market-oriented, safety as the cornerstone, quality as the guarantee, customer-centered and development as the foundation" has been providing high-quality and honest service for all sectors of society. Actively return to society with sincere dedication. Establishing a good corporate image has achieved good economic and social benefits. We firmly believe that "service creates value". Wish to cooperate with you to create the future!
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